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Artemis Pack Camp

artemis pack summer camp program

A weekly summer camp where kids of all genders ages 8-14 develop a deep love of nature and confidence in their stewardship skills as environmentalists, activists, and young magic-makers. 

Registration is now open for our 2024 season!


Our summer program is a unique and expansive adventure for magical kids ages 8-14. Each camp session is limited to a small group of 8 participants, with a 1:4 adult to child ratio. This allows us to focus on nurturing friendships, have spacious time to relax, and lets our activities be inspired by group interest.


The main intention of our summer program is to instill a deep love of nature, that allows participants to feel more confident in their stewardship skills as environmentalists, activists, and young magic-makers. We take daily field trips to different natural environments around the Philadelphia area, learn how use the elements for creative projects, spells and medicines, and most of all, have a lot of FUN in the Sun! 



Sessions run Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm.


Summer 2024 sessions are:​

Session 1: July 1-5, 2024

Session 2: July 8-12, 2024

Session 3: July 15-19, 2024

Session 4: July 22-26, 2024

Session 5: July 29- August 2, 2024


Each session is $475, which includes snacks but not lunches.


  • The world is undergoing a LOT of paradigmatic shifts. Artemis Pack itself is undergoing a lot of transition this year. The kids we hold space for are experiencing a tremendous amount of change. This year, we are going to focus on expanding our relationship to change! We will be using the imagery of a bridge, and notice how we can have different parts of ourselves in different locations on the bridge simultaneously. For example, if you are changing schools, there can be a part of you that is already on the “new school” side feeling super excited about what’s to come, a part that is on the “old school” side feeling scared and sad about leaving, and a part of you that is walking along the bridge feeling both open to, and maybe a bit anxious about, the unknown. This also translates well to the changes of “kid” to “tween” to “teen” that a lot of our kids are experiencing, and to the gender exploration so many of our kids play with in our community. Here are some questions we can ask ourselves and our packs to get a more collective sense of how we relate to change:

    • What is your relationship to change? How do you see this evolving?

    • What are some changes that have felt awesome in your life?

    • What are some changes that felt terrible in your life?

    • How does self-care support you through hard transitions? 

    • What is the role of magic in supporting change? 


  • We understand magic as the practice of consciously working with the energy around us, and the ability to weave together truths from multiple dimensions at once. Activism is the act of consciously creating your reality, noting injustice and actively building better systems to repair harm when it happens. Magic can be a powerful tool for this active form of world building! This year we will invite everyone in the Artemis community to consider what kind of magic they have, and how they might apply it to building brighter futures for all. We will also explore changemakers who’s magic helped shape the world we live in today and draw inspiration from them throughout the year. 


  • As kids enter phases of pre-pubescence and puberty, there is a lot of conversation about hygiene. The focus is largely on BO, hormones and “urges”, and our physical bods in general. As an empath, I wish someone had taught me way earlier on about the importance of energetic hygiene and how to shield myself, as well as discharge the emotional energy I absorb around me in spacetime. We are going to offer an underlying theme of how to tend to our energetic health and take good care of ourselves as we strengthen our magic, build cooler worlds, and tend to the ecosystems we partake in! 

MEET YOUR 2024 camp counselors

Skilled artists and educators with a passion for community care.

Artemis Pack Leader Emma Fox


emma fox

Emma Fox is the founder of Wild Ride Collective and Director of Artemis Pack and Camp. They are a portal doula, multidimensional artist, (maybe too) proud Greek-American, and queer witch with a deep love for contemplative education and community organizing. You will likely find them playing pretend, boarding a spaceship, or communicating with interdimensional beings in their rainbow cape. 

Artemis Pack Leader Bixa Burgos

Camp Counselor

bixa burgos

Bixa Burgos (they/them) is a writer & artist who loves plants, animals, poetry and colors. A country bumpkin at heart, they work at Green Matters Natural Dye Company in Lancaster where they facilitate natural dye workshops, coordinate production, and work on personal projects after hours. They are excited to share their skills as a plant based fiber artist with campers and make art outside!

Artemis Pack Counselor Moth Snow

Camp Counselor

moth snow

Moth Snow is a sustainable, textile artist, teacher, and all around nature nut. You may have seen them vending around Philly as Touch Threads. As a former homeschool kid, they’ve been well versed in making poke berry potions and the forest magic in this watershed. They’re looking forward to hosting your kiddos this summer and looking closely at the natural world through a magical queer lens. 

"Mira loves being part of a community that is open and non-judgmental when she's at (what feels like) a critical point in the process of exploring and expressing her individuality."

- loraine (parent)


how many sessions can i register for?

You can register for as many sessions as you like! If you register your child for three or more sessions, we even give you a discount.

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