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Artemis Pack is a sanctuary space for kids, tweens, and teens. We are a unique mix of magical activism, social justice and earth-based wisdom. In Artemis Pack, kids learn to listen to their intuition and celebrate their wild, authentic selves.

We understand that gender is an experience unique to each individual, and are open to all genders! We center marginalized genders (MAGES!) because we know that they face unique challenges in school and in life that can prevent them from building meaningful friendships, loving their bodies and taking leadership roles. Artemis Pack provides a sanctuary that nurtures and inspires, so that they are ready to build a more inclusive and expansive world.

Through seasonal celebration, song, storytelling and exploration of powerful femme and gender expansive archetypes, Artemis Pack reminds kids that there are a million ways to stand clear in their truth! It's a place to celebrate and laugh, a place to bring heartache about life or the state of the world, a place to become comfortable with their changing bodies. It is a place where magic happens.

School Year Program

Join us in the sanctuary of Artemis Pack! During the school year, we explore topics from puberty to politics, friendships to family, mythology to just getting through the day. No two chapters of Artemis Pack are exactly the same. And that’s a reflection of the unique, vibrant, creative and powerful kids who participate. Each “pack” is a small cohort of 6-10 kids that will stay together over the years, supporting the development of depth, intimacy and trust. We currently have 7 cohorts, ranging in ages from 6-15 years old, and will be introducing a new cohort specifically for tweens and teens who identify as queer/LGBTQ+ in the fall!

Archery Arrows
Archery Arrows

Artemis Camp

Our summer program is a unique and expansive adventure for magical kids ages 8-14. Each camp session is limited to a small group of around 10 participants, allowing us to focus on nurturing friendships, having spacious time to relax and letting our activities be inspired by group interest. Stay tuned for more information about our 2024 Summer sessions :)

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Artemis Online

We are offering two unique online cohorts for young magic-makers this year!

ARTEMIS ONLINE is for young magic-makers ages 8-12 and meets every Wednesday from 6-7pm ET on Zoom. Our first session meets from October 2023 through January 2024. This is part one of a two part series, in which we'll explore the role of magic in activism and the elements of fire and water.

QUEER COVEN is for queer/trans/LGBTQ+ teens ages 13+ and meets every Wednesday from 7:30-8:30pm ET on Zoom. Our first session meets from October 2023 through January 2024. We will explore the role of magic in building queer futures, how queerness is inherently magical, and help activate some queer/trans JOY in a virtual coven meeting!

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