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how do we do the work?

We believe in the power of parallel process, where we unlearn what we've inherited from outdated systems while collectively building new paradigms through collaboration, play & creative expression.


Our primary vision is to support and fully participate in the paradigm shifts that we are undeniably enduring currently, as individuals and as a collective whole. At its core, we understand that we are shifting away from systems rooted in either/or binary thinking, towards systems rooted in both/and, full complexity, paradox-loving, weird, wild wholeness.


We are positioned at the early stages of this shift and are out here embodying the shaping and conditioning of the either/or systems as we step into and create structures rooted in holistic care. Because of this TRUTH, we must engage in parallel process, where we simultaneously heal from & unlearn what we’ve inherited through oppressive systems, and play creatively with forging new paths, creating new worlds, and building better possibilities.

Unlearning Systems of Oppression

PSYCHOSPIRITUAL CLEANUP. The necessary transmuting & clearing from one’s psyche of values, beliefs, and patterns inherited through oppressive systems. These systems may include but are not limited to white supremacy, racism, fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, capitalism, colonialism, & the cishetero-patriarchy. Once these systems are acknowledged within the psyche, the individual can reorient around their personal TRUTH. 

HEALING. Self-care IS collective care; we understand that resourcing one’s SELF with practices of care allows for the individual to show up to the collective ready to serve and love from a place of TRUTH. We accept that the collective is not here to do the work of the individual; it is a container to support them in their journey of healing and liberating themselves from oppressive systems.

ACTIVISM. We understand activism is rendered ineffective if it does not allow space for activating one’s TRUTh. The activist must be ready, willing, & able to engage in the hard,vulnerable work of healing and freeing THEMSELVES as much as they are willing to show up to support the liberation of others.


Building Sustainable, Collective systems

PLAY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION. We understand play and creative expression as forms of healing that rapidly expand our realm of possibilities in terms of building systems of care. Through play we are able to harness curiosity and take an experimental approach to the building process. Creative expression allows us to tap into a holistic sense of meaning, activate our senses, and build something beautiful.

TRUTH. We create spaces that allow for the full complexity of who we are to inform how, why, & when we engage in the work. Through learning to differentiate our authentic self from stories we've inherited from external sources, we begin to fearlessly love both our brightest and dimmest parts of who we are.  

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. We prioritize relational interactions so that collaboration becomes a space for building sustainable dynamics that are adaptive, flexible, and mutually supportive. 

EMERGENT & GENERATIVE PROCESS. We allow the process of building something new to be adaptive and flexible by Noticing what arises throughout this process and incorporating it into what is generated or built collectively.

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