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About Us

mission + vision

The Wild Ride is an artists and healers collective dedicated to shifting the paradigms of this dimension and beyond. Through queer frameworks of play, magic, and creative expression, we actively divest from oppressive systems and redirect that energy into reparative systems of care.

We envision a reality where artists, healers, and activists are deeply resourced in the changemaking work we engage in to build more joyful and just worlds for all. Our work centers around a practice we call psychospiritual cleanup, or the necessary work of discerning what is genuinely true about us from stories we’ve inherited or created about ourselves. All of our programs and services support this work by offering creative pathways to confidently express our authentic self.


what we do

We use art, magic, and play to create joyful points of entry into our personal, shared, and collective healing work for people of all ages! Our youth programs provide guidance in magical activism for kids to feel confident in their intuitive powers, and to uncover earth-based wisdom from their own lineages. Our grown up programs range from topics like instilling creative confidence, reparenting ourselves, and liberating unearned wealth into solidarity economies. We also provide one-on-one services for those who want deeper support in their psychospiritual cleanup work. Finally, we provide free community activation spaces like our Full Moon Art Club to instill a deeper sense of relationship building in our work! 

Meet The Team

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