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wild ride collective

Magical programs, groups, and camps for youth, artists, healers, and activists in Philadelphia, PA.

Artemis Pack Camp

artemis pack
summer camp program

ages 8-14

A weekly summer camp where kids ages 8-14 develop a deep love of nature and confidence in their stewardship skills as environmentalists, activists, and young magic-makers. 

Week-long sessions run Jul 1 - August 2

Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm. 

Registration for 2024 season now closed.

artemis pack
school year program

ages 6-16(ish)

During the school year, we explore topics from puberty to politics, friendships to family, mythology to just getting through the day.


Each “pack” is a small cohort of 6-10 kids that will stay together over the years, supporting the development of depth, intimacy and trust. We currently offer 6 age-based cohorts.


The Wild Ride is an artist and healers collective dedicated to shifting the paradigms of this dimension and beyond. Through queer frameworks of play, creative expression, and magic, we actively divest from oppressive systems and redirect that energy into mutually supported + regenerative systems of care.​

It is wonderful to have caring, queer adult role models for my kid.


Mira loves being part of a community that is open and non-judgmental when she's at (what feels like) a critical point in the process of exploring and expressing her individuality.

Loraine, Parent

My child's magic and confidence has been strengthened by her pack and the program!



how we make magic

ethos + mission


Inclusive + Accessible

We foster a vibrant and inclusive community where every child, regardless of their background or identity, is welcomed with open arms. We're dedicated to creating a space that celebrates diversity and ensures accessibility for all, because every child deserves the chance to thrive authentically.


Magical + Queer

In our enchanting realm of queer magic, we embrace the inherent wonder of every individual's unique journey. We honor the kaleidoscope of identities within our community, weaving a tapestry of acceptance, empowerment, and joy. Through celebration and exploration, we conjure a sanctuary where queer youth can embrace their true selves and revel in the extraordinary beauty of their existence.


Mission-Oriented Staff

Within our team of dedicated educators and creatives, passion and purpose converge to illuminate the path of every young soul. We cultivate a nurturing environment where innovation thrives and dreams take flight. United by a shared commitment to fostering growth and empowerment, we stand as beacons of inspiration, guiding each child towards their brightest potential.


Embodied Values

We embody authenticity, compassion, and resilience, creating a space where every child can flourish as their truest selves. Through meaningful connections and intentional experiences, we embody inclusivity and empowerment, ensuring that each camper feels seen, heard, and valued.

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