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artemis pack gathering

artemis pack
school year program

A queer sanctuary space for magical youth ages 6-16ish. We offer a unique mix of magical activism, social justice, and earth-based wisdom. In Artemis Pack, kids learn to listen to their intuition and celebrate their wild, authentic selves.

Registration for the 2024-25 school year opens on August 1, 2024!


Through seasonal celebration, song, storytelling and exploration of powerful femme and gender expansive archetypes, Artemis Pack reminds kids that there are a million ways to stand clear in their truth! It's a place to celebrate and laugh, a place to bring heartache about life or the state of the world, a place to become comfortable with their changing bodies. It is a place where magic happens.


We understand that gender is an experience unique to each individual, and are open to all genders! At Artemis Pack, kids are encouraged on their gender journeys to feel empowered in their self-expression. We center marginalized genders (MAGES!) because we know that they face unique challenges in school and in life that can prevent them from building meaningful friendships, loving their bodies and taking leadership roles. Artemis Pack provides a sanctuary that nurtures and inspires, so that they are ready to build a more inclusive and expansive world.

During the school year, we explore topics from puberty to politics, friendships to family, mythology to just getting through the day. No two chapters of Artemis Pack are exactly the same. And that’s a reflection of the unique, vibrant, creative and powerful kids who participate. Each “pack” is a small cohort of 6-10 kids that will stay together over the years, supporting the development of depth, intimacy and trust.



Each pack meets once a week from September through May. 

Monday: Cherry Pack (ages 13-15), 6-7:30pm (Germantown)

Tuesday: Reishi Pack (ages 8-10), 4-5:30pm (West Philly)

                Mushroom Pack (ages 11-13), 6-7:30pm (West Philly)

Wednesday: Magnolia Pack (ages 6-8), 4-5:30pm (West Philly)

Thursday: Hawthorn Pack (ages 9-11), 4-5:30pm (West Philly)

                  Baubo Pack (ages 13-15), 6-7:30pm (West Philly)


We additionally host three larger community gatherings as part of our school year program:​

Winter Solstice: December 21, 2024

Beltane: May 1, 2025

GROM (aka "Gay Prom"): TBD

The cost of our school year program is $1500/year. Families can pay this as a one time fee or set up an automatic monthly payment of $170/month. We offer partial scholarships with priority to returning families and queer and trans families of color. 


Throughout the school year, we offer various rituals, crafts, stories, and songs that reflect the power of the four elements (earth, air, fire, water), as well as the fifth sacred thing (magic) that weaves them all together. We tie these elements to the four different bodies we inhabit and segment the school year curriculum into the following areas:
Physical Body (Earth)
  • Connected to pentacles in tarot
  • Offers us gifts of growth, strength, healing
  • Areas of magic like herbalism, potions, and money magic
  • Areas of activism like the future of healthcare, climate change and liberating land, building solidarity economies, and reparations
Heart Body (Water)
  • Connected to cups in tarot
  • Offers us gifts of emotions, visions/dreams, imagination
  • Areas of magic like journeying, emotional boundaries, and cleansing spells
  • Areas of activism like water pollution, water rights, and emotional intelligence
Mind Body (Air)
  • Connected to swords in tarot
  • Offers us gifts of mental clarity, strategy, foresight
  • Areas of magic like tarot, divination, meditation, and altered states of consciousness
  • Areas of activism like air pollution, mental health awareness, and expanding collective consciousness
Energy Body (Fire)
  • Connected to wands in tarot
  • Offers us gifts of intuition, creative energy, passion
  • Areas of magic like aura readings, energetic boundaries and banishment spells
  • Areas of activism like human rights, "artivism", animal rights, and fighting for equality

MEET YOUR 2024 Pack Leaders

Skilled artists and magic makers with a passion for community care.

 Artemis Pack Leader Emma Fox

Head Witch, Pack Leader

emma fox

Emma Fox is the founder of Wild Ride Collective and Director of Artemis Pack and Camp. They are a portal doula, multidimensional artist, (maybe too) proud Greek-American, and queer witch with a deep love for contemplative education and community organizing. You will likely find them playing pretend, boarding a spaceship, or communicating with interdimensional beings in their rainbow cape. 

They currently are the *fearless* pack leader for Mushroom, Cherry, Reishi, and Baubo packs.

Artemis Pack leader Tia Brown

Pack Leader

tia brown

Tia Brown (they/she/ey/em) is a Scorpio sun, Aries moon, and Capricorn rising
educator, activist, actor, singer, model, and dancer from the ancestral land of the Lenni-
Lenape. They are a proud NJ Governor’s Educator of the Year recipient whose
qualifications include 10 years of elementary teaching experience, an M.Ed. in Special
Education, a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies from The College of New Jersey.
They are also a veteran theatrical performer who has performed with various theatrical
production companies throughout central New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
They recently appeared in the 50th anniversary revival of RAISIN executively produced
and consulted by Phylicia Rashad and starring Broadway’s own Fredi Walker-Browne
from RENT!

They currently serve as the *fearless* pack leader for Hawthorn and Magnolia Packs!

"Mira loves being part of a community that is open and non-judgmental when she's at (what feels like) a critical point in the process of exploring and expressing her individuality."

- loraine (parent)


what is artemis pack?

A simple way to describe artemis pack is "queer pagan girl scouts" but for all genders. Our cohort model invites kids to stick around and develop a long-term relationship with their pack. Artemis Pack gatherings are rooted in ritual, song, and led by group-interest. 

can my child try out a pack before committing?

Yes! There are two options for this:

1) You can pay a fee for a drop-in day and decide after your visit. 2) If you register your child for a pack, you have a one month trial period, after which you can decide if you'd like to continue.  In this scenario, you are eligible to receive a partial refund if you choose to discontinue participation within the trial month. 

where is it located?

Most of our packs meet in a private home in West Philly. Beginning in the school year of 2024-25, we will offer packs in Germantown and South Philly as well. 

Who is considered a Marginalized Gender?

We recognize cisheteropatriarchy as a system under which cisgender(meaning identifying with gender assigned at birth), often times white, males are granted unearned power and privileges, while all other genders hold some level of marginalization. Within this framework, marginalized genders include any gender expression not granted these privileges under cisheteropatriarchy. This includes, but is not limited to, trans kids, cis girls, nonbinary kids, gender fluid, gender expansive, and genderqueer kids, and kids questioning their gender identity.

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