our Pathways of Psychospiritual cleanup


Liberate Your Dollars

Along this pathway, we explore the intersections of white supremacy, capitalism, & cisheteropatriarchy. We break down our “money stories”, or how we learned to relate to money, and move beyond philanthropy, creating divestment strategies that move not just our dollars but our belief systems and energy away from oppressive systems so we are free to invest in more sustainable futures!

Unlearning Whiteness

Along this pathway, we unpack the culture of white supremacy on a personal, interpersonal, & systemic level. We examine the ways that whiteness shows up in our bodies, minds, & spirits, consider how this gets in the way of our relationships to others, & develop skills for recentering around our whole TRUTH when a practice of whiteness is activated.

Equal Lighter
Funky Graffiti
Funky Graffiti

Raising Radicals

This pathway generates sustainable dynamics for caregivers and their loved ones. We apply the concept of reparenting (the parallel process of unlearning how you were cared for by caring for your people in a radical way) to our caretaking work, & learn how to offer alternative narratives when we notice stories from oppressive systems getting in the way of our development. 

Funky Graffiti

Belly Talk

This pathway invites us to consider a loving relationship to our bodies outside of fatphobia. Through imagining queer futures, we romance our bodies, access embodied information, explore how our sensuality and sexuality can be implemented as a means of disruption, & discuss health beyond fatphobia & disembodiment.