Want to tend to the psychospiritual health of your personal, relational, or organizational path of liberation from oppressive systems?

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Is the wild ride for me?

Anyone who identifies with the terms paradigm shifter, psychospiritual cleanup, & joyful movements for transformation is welcome on this wild ride! More specifically, we aim to work with individuals seeking more depth & witnesship in their personal growth, parents and educators who wish to engage in anti-oppression work as they raise and shape the minds of tiny humans, and/or businesses and organizations who want to ensure their models are in line with their values of social justice and transformative healing work. We offer workshops, 6 week long programming, and custom one-on-one consultations. Book your free 30 min consultation with us today to assess where you might fit in best on this Wild Ride!

Our Pathways of Psychospiritual Cleanup

These pathways emerged out of shared desire to build community around these specific areas of healing, divestment, and getting free. As we evolve and grow as a collective, so do our focal points for PSCU. We do our best to update our website as often as possible, and some of these topics may be no longer as *relevant* to our work. Please be patient with us and enjoy the slowness that is growing a collective movement :)


Along this pathway, we explore the intersections of white supremacy, capitalism, & cisheteropatriarchy. We consider wealth redistribution an essential component of our ancestral healing work. Throughout this pathway, we break down our “money stories”, or how we learned to relate to money, and move beyond philanthropy, creating divestment strategies that move not just our dollars but our belief systems and energy away from oppressive systems so we are free to invest in more sustainable futures!



This pathway invites us to consider a loving relationship to our bodies outside of fatphobia. Through deep belly laughter + imagining queer futures, we romance our bodies, access embodied information, explore how our sensuality and sexuality can be implemented as a means of disruption, + discuss health beyond fatphobia
+ disembodiment.