Want to tend to the psychospiritual health of your personal, relational, or organizational path of liberation from oppressive systems?


Is the wild ride for me?

Anyone who identifies with the terms paradigm shifter, psychospiritual cleanup, & joyful movements for transformation is welcome on this wild ride! More specifically, we aim to work with individuals seeking more depth & witnesship in their personal growth, parents and educators who wish to engage in anti-oppression work as they raise and shape the minds of tiny humans, and/or businesses and organizations who want to ensure their models are in line with their values of social justice and transformative healing work.

Our Consultation ModeL:

We recommend attending one of our free events to feel into the culture we create on this Wild Ride! Join us for a full moon meetup, where we dive into various exercises, conversations, & wisdom around various themes of psychospiritual cleanup. 

Once you’re ready to work with us on a more personal & consistent basis, we provide a free 30 minute consultation to determine which of our pathways is best suited for your needs. All of our consultation pathways are based on our own journeys of psychospiritual cleanup (PSCU), and are therefore adaptable & ever-changing! This allows our work with you to be truly relational & flexible; we cater to your needs as they emerge in real time throughout our collective process. Once we agree on your preferred focus of PSCU, we will meet once a week for three weeks, for a suggested donation of $350.** These sessions are broken down into three portals of PSCU: relationship to self, interpersonal dynamics, & organizational & collective structures. At the end of this time, we will come together for a creative celebration and consideration of continuing our work together!

**As a collective, we consider the exchange of money to be an invitation to reflect on our proximity to wealth & privilege. With this suggested donation, practice defining enough, and consider what is manageable for you! Our main priority is to assist in the liberation of all, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.